LeoVegas puts classic slot games back under the spotlight

These days it seems that most online casinos only concern themselves with the modern approach to online slot game play. Flashy, sizzling, and usually featuring video game like graphics, it really isn’t a shock to see that these games simply command attention. However, while these games are certainly deserving of the plaudits, a thought must be spared for the format that came before. Before there were video slots there was (and still is) classic slots, also known as 3-reel slots. Many online casino operators have neglected these slot games, but not LeoVegas, who have recently put the focus back onto classic slots.

Filling players with nostalgia, these are the games that can give players the true feeling of Las Vegas. Based on the classic land-based slot machine setup, these games are more attractive than most people realise. Bringing players the very best of the basics, they are a steadfast option for those who want a speedy slots experience through desktop and mobile devices. When it comes to such games, one operator puts them front and centre. If you want a taste of the classic slots experience, LeoVegas is the place to be. If you are yet to discover this operator, make sure to sign up through Casinoonline.fans, as this will make you eligible for 20 free spins with no deposit required for simply registering a player account.

Big 7s Are Back

If your memory stretches back far enough you will remember time in which slot reels were dominated by fruits, bars, and 7s. They were the pick of the time, but as the industry moved on the classic slot game UI was replaced. But LeoVegas along with a select number of developers are bringing them back. The days of big 7s are coming around again, as more and more players take interest in classic play. At LeoVegas games like Lucky 7, Ace of Spades, Magic Mellon, and Super Nudge 6000 has put the focus on 3-reels instead of the more commonly promoted 5-reels. Meeting in the middle, all of the aforementioned games provide classic 3-reel slot play inside of a video slot shell. Fruits, bars, and 7s are all back in action through an array of impressive classic themed slot games at LeoVegas

Nailed On Prizes

The biggest misconception about classic online slot games is that they are lazy in the prize stakes. But misconception is exactly what that is, as while 3-reels does mean fewer winning combinations it doesn’t mean that small prizes are offered. Finding what looks to be a permanent solution to that problem, they have attached many major progressive jackpots to the slot games available. For example, the popular 3-reel title Jackpot Jester comes in both progressive jackpot form and non-progressive jackpot form. Classic slot games will never be able to adopt the 243 ways to win framework, but they can certainly come up big when it comes to prizes.

Back with a Bang

During the mid-2000s online casinos put classic slot games on the backburner in favour of modern day video based titles. While it is easy to see why this was done, classic slot games to a certain extent where given harsh treatment. Not forgotten in the minds of players, LeoVegas has sought to hand 3-reel slot games the limelight once again. If you’ve longed for the slot games of yesteryear or just want a slice of nostalgia, LeoVegas is the place to play that’s for sure.


InstaCasino shines at the start of 2016

You’ve asked the question a thousand times, what makes for a great online casino? Is it all about the games or do bonuses take preference? Can a great online casino get by with a poor website or does it need be an all-round seamless operation? Quite frankly, a great online casino has something that is “intangible”. The “it” factor is real and it certainly exists in the world of online casino gaming. While there have been plenty of false dawns as far as the next great online casino is concerned, it seems that InstaCasino have shown the world that such certainly does still exist. Launching during summer 2015 to very little hype, it seems that InstaCasino has started 2016 like a house on fire and is shining bright as we speak.

Games, Games, Games

It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why InstaCasino has managed to gain such large levels of success in such a short space of time. Games are the heart, soul, and conscience of an online casino and InstaCasino has a selection that is truly mouth watering. From the very latest 3D innovation to games that load up on progressive jackpots, InstaCasino by the looks of things has it all. Working with multiple leading developers, it is well worth delving a little deeper into what is being made available. Those who love spinning the reels are going to get plenty of enjoyment out games such as The Dark Knight, Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods, Spinata Grande, and Gonzo’s Quest.

While InstaCasino certainly love the slots, they are by no means a slots exclusive brand. InstaCasino also present a wide array of classic table favourites including Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and Video Poker. Enthusiasts of any of these games are going to find variation after variation after variation at InstaCasino. In fact, if you add all the variations of the aforementioned games up you will find that there are over 60 on hand.

In this review of InstaCasino, published by Swedish gaming guide MrCasinon, it stands clear that a major factor behind the casino’s success can be credited to the huge array of high quality casino games they offer.

Instant Play InstaCasino

Taking the InstaCasino game selection in a new direction is the online casino’s mobile offering. Staying in touch with the on the go needs of players, they have recently unleashed a mobile version of InstaCasino. An instant play option, InstaCasino is available for use on Windows, Android, and iOS. Through InstaCasino mobile, players can get their InstaCasino fix whenever and wherever they please.

Playing Fair

The InstaCasino setup is fun for sure, but this online casino gets serious when it comes to security. Refusing to cut corners, they have brought on board not just SSL encryption direct from COMODO, but they have also sought out auditing certification from both GLI and eCORGA. The entire InstaCasino framework is under lock and key, which will be music to the ears of anyone who chooses to gamble online. Rest easy, as when it comes to InstaCasino hackers won’t have even the slightest chance to get close to your personal and private information.

For Fans, By Pros

When online casino professionals come together truly great things can happen. This is exactly what has happened with InstaCasino. Pooling the skills of various already established online casino names, the final product really has impressed on its debut. Well-rounded as far as games are concerned, mobile device friendly, and armed to the teeth with protective measures, InstaCasino is a shining star within the world of online casino gaming as 2016 gets underway.

Mythbusters – Online Casino Blackjack Edition

When it comes to card games, blackjack certainly rivals poker as far as popularity is concerned. Based around luck and not just skill, online blackjack is a game that rewards dedication and sophisticated play. These days there really is no denying that positives when it comes to playing online casino blackjack. Sadly, for all the positives that are attributed to this online casino game, it does have a notable downside too. This downside comes in the form of myths and rumours, many of which have followed the game around and been popularised on various forums. In an attempt to put many of these myths and rumours to bed once and for all, we present mythbusters, the online blackjack edition.

Myth 1 – The goal of online blackjack is to get 21

This is easily the most common myth discussed regarding online casino blackjack and one that does have a slight ounce of truth to it. Ideally, every player would love to win every hand with the magical total of 21 in hand, but that certainly isn’t the game’s goal. When it comes to online casino blackjack, the player should have two goals ahead of them and neither of them is to necessarily get 21. Goal No. 1 is to have a total higher than the dealer; Goal No. 2 is to not go bust while attempting to achieve that. Having a hand of 21 is great, but the goal of blackjack is to beat the dealer and not to necessarily obtain that illusive hand. You can find further information about the basic rules of blackjack at online casino guide SverigesCasinon, which has several articles published on this game.

Myth 2 – You should aim to play at cold tables

Another nonsensical blackjack myth has it roots within the belief that online casino gaming revolves around hot and cold streaks. While you may see that one table is paying out more or less than another at a casino online, the reality is that such is nothing more than incidence and coincidence combining. When it comes to online blackjack the dealer is dealt cards in the exact same way that you are, with luck and card order determining who receives what and when. Playing at cold tables is no precursor to what is going to occur in the future. When you choose to do this you are just as likely to spend the night playing at a tight game as you are a loose one at a casino online.

Myth 3 – You should always play with the belief that the dealer has a 10 in hand

This myth usually pushes casino online players into playing in an overly cautious manner, which can often be detrimental to play. Simple statistics prove that the dealer can only have a 10 “in the hole” 31% of the time, as there are only 16 cards within a standard 52 card deck that carry the value of ten. When you play with this belief in mind, there is every chance that you will make costly mistakes. Instead of playing with the “10 in hand” approach in mind, utilise basic blackjack strategy, as through this you can realistically figure out what the cards the online casino dealer is holding.

Myth 4 – You can beat the house edge with a progressive betting system

They are the magical elixir of the online casino world and something that is often comparable to fools gold. While there is something to be said for casino online betting systems, the whole idea that a progressive betting system will bring down the house edge is total nonsense. There is only one real way to bring down the house edge and that is through the proper implementation of basic blackjack strategy.